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An Overview


We are a development centre that is whole-heartedly aligned to the world-renowned Montessori education philosophy, pioneered more than 100 years ago. Our early childhood developmental centre ensure that your child is able to discover their potential in a fun,  safe, loved and stimulating environment.


We cater for children age 2-6 years old. The reason here is that the children are in a highly sensitive period in their development as human beings. We will ensure that the stimulation they receive at this stage gears them for further development into productive citizens in society. 





“Within the child lies the fate of the future.”    –  Maria Montessori 


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Why Us

Discover Montessori emphasises on the child’s natural ability and develops these interests in a loved, carefully prepared, positively stimulated environment. We emphasises on the whole child’s, physical, emotional, cognitive and social areas of development.  In our environment the children has the freedom to choose their own work activities which sparks their natural interest and fosters autonomous learning. The environment encourages self-discipline and independence. We have a mixed age group which encourages participation, peer to peer learning and collaboration.


Our Montessori material is multi-sensory, scientifically designed to develop a child holistically and allows the child to recognise his or her own errors. This allows the children to correct their own work and reinforce their own learning by repeating the work until satisfied and thus having that internal feeling of success.  All our activities are placed on low shelving units within reach of children for ease of access.  

This allows them to work uninterrupted on the activity of their choice at the various tables available, or other areas of comfort. The pace of work is unhurried and children are introduced to new activities as soon as they are ready for it.


We have a beautiful playground and are well secured. We strive on observation so we can capture the child in their sensitive period of development. Children are never left alone to their own devices. We encourage outside, purposeful play, getting a child busy in the garden does wonders to their senses.

Staff work closely with each child. Parents are given regular feedback, through various communication mediums.  We are a close-nit group, a home away from home.








The principal goal of education is to create people who are capable of doing new things, not just repeating what
others do. – Piaget

Our Learning Areas 


Practical Life

Activities of daily life


All about the senses


The art of communication. Reading, Writing


Understanding Numbers


History, Science, Geography and Biology

Sports and Music Activities

Creativity at all levels


Qualified, Experienced and Nurturing Staff

Staff Development

In-house training and Workshops

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Awards and Recognition

Children’s Lives Changed


Customer Stories

Duane & Taryn Smith

As a new parent putting your kid in nursery school for the first time can very daunting, yet the staff at Discover M made the transition go very smooth. During the first initial weeks, we received regular updates and pictures confirming that our little man was doing just fine. The individual teaching is what makes the school such a great safe place for kids. Kids are allowed to choose their work for the day and practice until they are a step further than they were the day before. The staff are friendly and very engaging especially when it comes to the activities that stood out for the day and things that were not so good. Together with the school, parents can help excel there kids growth faster. As the saying goes ‘it takes a village to raise a child’ and we are glad we choose this village for our kiddo.

Lileen Lee

My grandson Johardien Choonara attended the school where he transformed from being a needy clingy toddler to a very confident,intelligent social little person. He has had exposure to a beautiful, nurturing environment and was treated as a child of a big happy family. The holistic approach from the vegetarian menu to play and learning activities as equipped him to adjust beautifully. With this strong foundation he flourished in his”big school” becoming one of the best readers in his class , thanks to the endless dedication of Yolanda and her team. Regards Lileen- Granny😊… “My son started Primary School but he is already at a Grade 2 level, Discover Montessori was clean as a whistle. The kids were very well organized and incredibly polite and attentive. Thank you – Ishaam Choonara – Dad

Leyya Stringer

We decided to move Caleb to a Montessori School. I had done alot of research about this specific method of teaching.. We made an appointment to see what Discover Montessori was all about and when we arrived we were greeted by Yolanda, the owner of the school. We immediately were impressed by the passion Yolanda showed. She spoke with such pride. She explained everything to us in detail. We were sold! Caleb started as a quiet introverted little boy. Within one week we saw a major difference in him. By the end of the year Caleb was a completely different child. Outgoing and alot more confident. We loved our experience at Discover Montessori and we will forever be grateful for the amazing teachers who treated us all like one big happy family.